Price Optimization

QueBIT Price Optimization enables robust management of your pricing strategies, while eliminating the implementation time, complexity, and costs typically found in other pricing solutions.

Price optimization delivers significant improvements in revenue and margin by providing a clear, guided user experience via insightful dashboards and comprehensive pricing science. The ease of setting and managing pricing boundaries in context of all variables sets this solution apart. Price optimization was designed to alleviate the pain for any organization using simple rules or trial-and-error methods to derive prices, especially if corporate objectives include adjusting and maintaining prices at the most granular level.

Analytics for Pricing Strategies

  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Sophisticated AI and Machine Learning Models
  • Managing Price
  • Automation

What Pricing Strategies do you employ? 

  • Cost Plus – Markup on costs
  • Competition – Aligning price adjustments competition
  • Value-based pricing: Premium, Penetration, Economy, Price Skimming (declining pricing as products age)
  • Dynamic Pricing – surge pricing (like Uber), demand pricing (like electric utilities), time-based pricing (like airlines)
  • Price Elasticity – Used to determine how a change in price effects demand

Price optimization gives you enterprise-wide control of the entire pricing process.

Raise your pricing strategies to new levels of sophistication, achieve dynamic pricing based on a variety of factors, and understand price elasticity across different products or regions.

QueBIT Price optimization provides numerous advantages over manual pricing strategies. Through eliminating spreadsheets, Price Optimization improves your ability to rapidly adjust pricing, right down to the most detailed levels and market conditions.


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