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Webinar: Why Financial Consolidation, Planning and Reporting belong
on a Single Technology Platform

Many organizations invest in multiple technologies to support the activities of the Office of Finance. In addition to the ERP system that includes the general ledger, there may be a financial consolidation system, a planning system and a reporting system each provided by a different vendor, and each with a set of tools for moving data around. Typically, all three systems will consume data from the general ledger, while the reporting system will also receive data from the planning system and the consolidation system for consolidated reporting. Each time data is moved around it needs to be reconciled. Sometimes calculations need to be replicated across systems as well, introducing risk of inconsistency. All this takes away time from the important work of analyzing the data for deeper understanding to support good decision making.

In this webinar, we will present a strong case, based on over 30 years of experience delivering successful financial consolidation, planning and reporting solutions usingIBM’s Planning Analytics platform (formerly known as TM1). We will demonstrate that this is the right platform to deliver an integrated, scalable and highly performant solution to cover all the needs of the Office of Finance, and how QueBIT’s ControlWORQ technology fills the one missing piece of the puzzle.

November 9th at 2pm EST

Hosted by: Michael Cowie, Director of Strategic Solutions
 & Richard Creeth, Industry Expert


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