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Webinar – Predictive Maintenance platform for the IoT Era

Predictive Maintenance

The financial health of asset heavy industries depends on knowing when to (and when not to) perform maintenance to maximize up-time and protect large capital investments.  Over the past few years, predictive modeling and mathematical optimization have shown to be highly effective in optimizing maintenance schedules based on failure risks. However, effectively leveraging the massive amount of data from telematics connected sensors (i.e. IoT) has been a significant challenge until now.

Join us for this complimentary webinar and learn how QueBIT’s Medea Predictive Maintenance solution fully utilizes the rich data, that was previously locked-up, generated by telematic sensors.  Marrying this data with master data, Medea leverages sophisticated machine learning algorithms (and advanced AI) to build optimized maintenance schedules that maximize the financial benefit of predictive maintenance.

Benefits include:

  • Fully automated analysis of massive amounts of telematic sensor data
  • Near real-time fleet/asset health monitoring
  • Optimized maintenance schedules based on financial benefit
  • Extended asset life
  • Increased uptime/production

Medea fully leverages the power of Hadoop and Spark to analyze your big data!

register today red buttonTuesday, May 22nd at 2pm EST

 Hosted by: Dallas Crawford, General Manager, Advanced Analytics &
Scott Mutchler, Chief Data Scientist


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