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Webinar: Keep your Planning Analytics/TM1 Engine Humming with these Tune-Up Tips!

Your PA/TM1 application needs regular maintenance tune-ups to keep performing at its best – just like your car! Even if nothing has changed with your business requirements, there are always changes that affect your application, for example:


  • Data volumes increase over time
  • Number of users increase or decrease over time
  • Operating system and Excel upgrades
  • Planning Analytics/TM1 upgrades

Join us for this complimentary webinar as we take you through a checklist of things our QueBIT’s experts look for when performing a PA/TM1 healthcheck and performance diagnostic. Now you will be ready to do some tuning up on your own!

August 24th at 2pm EST

Hosted by: Ann-Grete Tan, GM, FOPM & SVP Operations
& Colin Macdonald, Senior Consultant

Looking for insight on a timely topic? Curious what the experts have to say? QueBIT’s Advanced Topics Webinar Series brings experts together to share insights. Webinars are always free and offer attendees the opportunity to hear best practices, tips for success, or simply learn more about a new subject. Attendees are given the opportunity to ask questions and connect with experts, access that may not otherwise be available. The Advance Topic Webinar Series provides attendees a chance to go deeper into topics and cover the finer points.


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