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IBM Cognos Analytics is a Web-based tool that professional report authors use to build sophisticated, multiple-page, multiple query reports against multiple databases.  With Cognos Analytics, you can create any report that your company requires, such as sales, inventory, and statements and dashboard reports.

Overview:  Students will learn to use Cognos Analytics to create new reports.  Aggregation, summaries, grouping and sorting will be covered.  Students will create filters and prompts, add detail and summary calculations, format reports, create list and crosstab reports, and drill-through to other reports.

Performance Goals:  Upon successful completion of this course, attendees will be able to:

  • Start and log into Cognos Analytics
  • Understand the components of Cognos Analytics
  • Navigate the Cognos Analytics interface
  • Create and modify reports
  • Focus reports using prompts
  • Extend reports using calculations
  • Present data using maps
  • Design effective reports
  • Customize reports with conditional formatting

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