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Advanced Topics Webinar:  Write TM1 Rules like a Pro!

May 11th, 2017 @2pm EST

Hosted by:
Bruna Garcia, Consultant

If you’re a TM1 user, you know rules are how you work business logic into your model.  You probably calculate things like salaries and sales, and you may even have more complex calculations in your model  such as exchange rates and allocations.

Since TM1 calculates rules on the fly, your data adjusts continuously as you enter new information into TM1.  This is a powerful advantage TM1 brings to your planning and analysis needs—no need to run scripts, or wait overnight to see your results!


Come to our webinar and learn:

  • When to use Rules vs. TI (check out our Blog post here)
  • Rules every model should have
  • Tips & tricks on writing rules (and feeders)
  • How to test your rules


Looking for insight on a timely topic? Curious what the experts have to say?

QueBIT’s Advance Topic Webinar Series brings experts together to share insights. Webinars are always free and offer attendees the opportunity to hear best practices, tips for success or simply learn more about a new subject. Attendees are given the opportunity to ask questions and connect with experts, access that may not otherwise be available. The Advance Topic Webinar Series provides attendees a chance to go deeper into topics and cover the finer points.


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