Every planning and reporting system begins with data.  This is true for financial planning (FP&A), sales and operations planning (S&OP) and their culmination, extended planning and analysis (xP&A).

DataWORQ is a specialpurpose ETL (Extract, Translate, Load) solution designed for business users and xP&A, to maximize their ability to maintain and manage their planning system data flows and transformations, while also supporting their ownership of data validation. In addition to traditional ETL features, DataWORQ also includes a predictive modeling engine, and an optimization engine designed specifically for a range of common xP&A use cases. 

Data can be sourced from many places, in a variety of forms. The first data source for any planning (and reporting) system is usually the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system, but this is often supplemented by others ranging from spreadsheet files to data warehouses and other operational software applications. 

Whether you are trying to understand the past, measure performance in the present, or forecast the future, data is the fuel that powers your driver-based, predictive, and prescriptive models. It is also needed for validation to build trust, because no machine model can ever survive a lack of trust. 

QueBIT advocates strongly for the use of a relational xP&A Data Hub as a foundational component of every planning system we design. The data hub’s value may not be apparent in a first phase where (for example) accounting balances are drawn from a single General Ledger for basic financial reporting and expense planning, but if you are on a journey to increase agility and resilience through integrated financial and operational planningover time the data hub will reduce complexity, time-to-value, and cost. 

Why do we need DataWORQ if we have a Data Hub? 

DataWORQ provides all your Data Hub needs: 

  • ETL– Intuitive, visual approach to managing your data pipeline 
  • Modeling– Prepare, Stage, Model, and Execute your full predictive workflow 
  • Orchestration– Integrate with existing systems to deliver a streamlined approach to data orchestration 
  • Scheduling– Automate your data management on a schedule that supports your business needs 

DataWORQ connects to the following leading planning software platforms:

  • Anaplan
  • IBM Planning Analytics Local (on-premises) or in the Cloud
  • Workday Adaptive Planning
  • Pigment

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