Certent Disclosure Management

Does your company’s process for creating management and board reports take a LOT OF EFFORT?
Is there RISK of financial reporting errors?

With Certent Disclosure Management you can reduce the amount of time it takes to create managerial and statutory reports and ensure data accuracy by connecting directly to your data sources with MS Office (Word and Powerpoint) as the front end user interface.

Certent Disclosure Management has the following capabilities:

  • Build dynamic queries off various data connections
  • Live-link data and verbiage in reports to a selected data source
  • Manage multiple contributors using Workflow and Version Control features
  • Roll reports forward from one month to the next
  • Connect to multiple data sources (OLAP, TM1, Relational, HFM, Excel)
  • Works with XBRL and EDGAR for Statutory Reporting (including 10Qs and 10Ks)

What’s the difference between ReportWORQ and CDM?


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