Workday Adaptive Planning – Maintaining Shared Formulas

By: Chad Perry

June 12, 2020

Prior to Adaptive’s 2020R1 release, maintaining multiple account formulas across many levels and different versions was not an easy task.  Fortunately, this has now changed with the introduction of new Shared Formula functionality: exporting and importing.


Do you find yourself needing to check which levels contain different formulas for a single account?  What about for all of your GL accounts?  No need to click through each account one by one anymore while expanding your Level tree…simply click the printer icon and select one of the options: “Formulas of the selected account” or “Formulas of all accounts”.  You can export formulas for a single account or all accounts across every level for a selected version.


By clicking the Import Shared Formulas icon (next to the printer icon), you are able to download a template or select a file to import.  Reloading the entire structure is your only option, so be careful not to accidently erase any existing formulas you desired to keep!  Any accounts that are imported with nothing populated in the Formulas column will overwrite any preexisting formulas.  If you wish to retain any user edits, be sure to include “Preserve” in the User Edits column of your upload file for the desired account x level intersection.

(It’s a good idea to create a full printable view and save it as a backup before you begin making changes.)

Bulk is Better!

If you’re trying to make bulk updates, utilize an export as your starting point rather than the downloaded template.  Simply change the desired formulas in the export file, save it, and import the file.

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