ReportWORQ Crashing Excel

April 19, 2018

ReportWORQ Crashing Excel

Issue: When running a ReportWORQ job, Excel crashes during the process
Resolution: If source files are on a separate server, relocate them to the same server as ReportWORQ

  1. Check to see where the original workbooks are saved.
  2. If the original workbooks used for the ReportWORQ job are located on a different server from the ReportWORQ/TM1 server, then relocate the workbooks to the ReportWORQ/TM1 server.  (You may need to contact your TM1 administrator in order to place the original workbooks on the ReportWORQ/TM1 server.)
  3. After moving the original workbooks, rerun the ReportWORQ job.
  4. Excel should remain open and not crash.  ReportWORQ job should complete successfully.

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