How to cancel a job in ReportWORQ

January 8, 2019

In the same way that job trigger files can be used to initiate jobs on a ReportWORQ Server, job cancel files can be used to cancel any currently running job.

In order to cancel a job, a file with a “rwdelete” extension – e.g., cancel.rwdelete – should be created in the requests folder. This requests folder is the same polling location that ReportWORQ monitors for trigger files (*.rwjob files). For example, if trigger files are placed within a folder at “C:\ReportWORQ Requests”, then the cancel files should be placed here as well.

“cancel.rwdelete” file within our ReportWORQ requests folder


Note that ReportWORQ is only looking for the presence of this file, and any content in it is ignored.

Once this cancel file is detected, ReportWORQ will stop whatever job is currently running, and will send a notification email that the job was canceled to the addresses listed in the running job’s request file.

These cancel files also mirror trigger files in how they can be generated from a Planning Analytics server directly.

Whereas job trigger files can be created with the “ReportWORQ – Execute Job” Turbo Integrator process, job cancel files can be created with the “ReportWORQ – Cancel Job” process.

TI process to create job cancel files

This process has no parameters, but does contain some path variables within the Prolog tab that are used to determine where to write out the job cancel file that will be generated.

The process generates the cancel file in two steps:

  1. The process first creates the job cancel file (Prolog) within a “Drafts” folder
  2. The process then copies the job cancel file to the folder that the ReportWORQ Server is monitoring

Note that the path variable settings may need to be edited to match your environment.

Default path variable settings for job cancel file creation

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