How to build and email Planning Analytics reports with ReportWORQ

July 17, 2018

ReportWORQ makes it easy to reuse and customize reports for specific recipients. In this how-to article we’re going to take a simple Planning Analytics report and automate it with ReportWORQ so that we can refresh it and email it to two different people. Each person will see their data for their specific business unit. We’ll be using the Goal vs. Actual report (download below) built from the Planning Sample data set.

Goal vs Actual.xlsx

First we can see in this report that a single element from the Business Unit is used to drive the data for this report.  The business unit is located in cell C4 and we want to customize this value for each of our recipients.

We begin in ReportWORQ by creating a static parameter for Business Unit and then creating our recipients while specifying a custom Business Unit value for each recipient.

  1. Open the Parameter Screen
  2. Create a new Static Parameter named Business Unit
  3. Choose Save to commit your changes

  1. Open the Recipients Screen
  2. Create a Recipient and specify an Email Address and a value for the Business Unit parameter
  3. Create additional recipients as needed
  4. Choose Save to commit your changes

Now we need to tell ReportWORQ a little bit about our report.  We’ll need to create a new report in ReportWORQ and link it to our Excel file.  Then we’ll tell ReportWORQ where the location of the cell that contains the Business Unit element is.  Keep in mind that if you want to schedule this report on another server or run it from a different ReportWORQ client then you should use a shared location and UNC path for when specifying where the report is.

  1. Choose the New Report button on the Reports node in the Navigation Tree and name the report Goal vs Actual
  2. Choose the location of the Goal vs. Actual.xlsx Excel file
  3. At the bottom of the screen choose Add Parameters
  4. Select the Business Unit parameter and choose Done to commit the changes
  5. Specify cell C5 as the location for the Business Unit parameter
  6. Choose Save to commit your changes

ReportWORQ has a book feature that is used for grouping multiple reports together.  This is also where we can specify some options about removing formulas from the output files.  For this example we’ll need to create a book with just our single report.

  1. Choose the New Book button on the Books node in the Navigation Tree and name the book Goal vs Actual BU Book
  2. Choose Add Reports
  3. Select the Goal vs Actual report and choose Done to commit the changes
  4. Choose Save to commit your changes

Now that we have our book containing our report and we’ve created recipients with specific Business Unit values we’ll need to marry the two together in a Job Step.  We’ll create a Job with a single Job Step to generate the book/report for a specific recipient using a specific Business Unit Parameter.  We’ll name the output file with the recipient’s name and email it to the user.

  1. Choose the New Job button on the Jobs node in the Navigation Tree and name the Job Send Goal vs Actual BU Report
  2. Right click the new Job in the navigation tree and choose New Job Step and name the Job Step Email PDF
  3. For book choose: Goal vs Actual BU Book
  4. For output choose: Email
    1. Tip. If you don’t have emailing setup in ReportWORQ just yet then use File output instead
  5. For format choose: PDF
  6. For filename enter: Goal v. Actual for %r%.pdf
    1. Tip: you can use the enter variable button to the right of the Filename to enter the %r%
  7. In the Recipients section choose Add Recipients.
  8. Select the recipients from earlier and choose Done to commit the changes
  9. You can now select each recipient in the list to review the file output name and Business Unit element to be used.
  10. Optionally in the Email section you can customize the email field and add additional email addresses
  11. Choose Save to commit your changes

This report is now set up in ReportWORQ and can be run manually at any time in the ReportWORQ client or it can be scheduled to run automatically using the ReportWORQ server.

  1. Choose the Send Goal vs Actual BU Report Job
  2. Choose Run

The 3 PDF file below should have been created:

Goal v. Actual for Germany General Manager.pdf
Goal v. Actual for UK General Manager.pdf
Goal v. Actual for US General Manger.pdf


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