Distributing to groups of recipients in ReportWORQ

August 29, 2018

ReportWORQ makes it easy to manage and distribute content to groups of recipients. In this how-to article we’re going create groups of recipients in Planning Analytics and show you how you can distribute a ReportWORQ report to them.

Creating groups in Planning Analytics

  1. Connect to Planning Analytics via the client of choice (Architect is used for the example).
  2. Navigate to the }ReportWORQ__Recipients dimension and open it for editing.

  3. Creating a group (“Group 1”)
    1. Select the recipients you would like in your group.
    2. Save the selection as a subset where the subset name will be your intended group name.
  4. Creating a group (“Group 2”)
    1. Repeat step 3 for a different set or recipients.


Adding groups to a ReportWORQ Job

  1. Navigate to a job and choose the Add Recipients option.
  2. You should now see the Groups of recipients you have added in addition to the individual recipients.

  3. Select the groups you have created “Group 1” and “Group 2” and choose “Done”.
  4. Save your Job Step.


Your Job is now setup to distribute your book to the two recipient groups created and added to the JobStep. To make modifications to the recipient groups simply modify their respective subsets in Planning Analytics.

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