IBM Planning Analytics: Control Objects – what are they and how to view them

By: Mohammad Hossain

December 23, 2020

Control objects are system-generated objects in Planning Analytics that can help perform tasks such as administer security, record attributes, and record performance statistics (if performance monitor is on). These will include cubes, processes, and dimensions that are all prefixed with the symbol }.

Types of Control Objects

Security Control Cubes

There are several security control cube types. There are universal security cubes such as }ChoreSecurity, }DimensionSecurity, and }ProcessSecurity that control security settings for their respective server objects. There are also security cubes that store security settings for specific cells/intersections within cubes (e.g. }CellSecurity_Finance) as well as specific elements in dimensions (e.g. }ElementSecurity_Version).

Attribute Cubes

Whenever attributes are created for a dimension, an attribute control cube will be created, for example }ElementAttributes_Years.


This cube stores security group assignments for all clients on the server.

Performance Modeler Cubes

If Performance Modeler is turned on for your PA (TM1) server, the following cubes will record performance statistics for cubes, clients and the server: }StatsByClient, }StatsByCube, }StatsByCubeByClient, }StatsByRule, }StatsForServer.

How to View Control Objects

If you have the appropriate permissions (depending on your user type/security settings), please follow the steps below to view the control objects.











Under the View menu, select the Display Control Objects to view the hidden objects. Assuming appropriate access is granted, the objects should now be visible.








Planning Analytics Workspace






If appropriate permissions have been granted, the control objects menu in Planning Analytics Workspace will allow the user to expand on control objects as seen above.

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