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Synchronize Planning Analytics Database Groups with Planning Analytics Workspace Groups

Synchronize Planning Analytics Database Groups with Planning Analytics Workspace Groups With the release of Planning Analytics Workspace version 2.0.89 the ability to synchronize user groups between Planning Analytics Workspace and Planning Analytics databases was added. This allows users with the ability to assign security access a method to quickly add users to PA groups based…

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Accessing Process Error Logs in Planning Analytics Workspace

Accessing Process Error Logs in Planning Analytics Workspace With the release of Planning Analytics Workspace version 2.0.88 an additional way to view process error logs has been added into the Planning Analytics Workbench. The addition of this method of viewing process error log files is a great quality of life improvement to troubleshooting process issues,…

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Streamlining Business Reporting with ReportWORQ: A Comprehensive Walkthrough

ReportWORQ offers an integrated solution for automating PowerPoint presentations and Excel-based reporting, saving your team valuable time and reducing the risk of manual errors. This article provides a detailed step-by-step guide on how to leverage ReportWORQ for generating dynamic briefing books, personalized P&L statements, and much more. Sections Included: Introduction to ReportWORQ What sets it…

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Mastering the Art of Unpivoting Data in DataWORQ

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll learn how to convert your pivoted data back to an unpivoted format using DataWORQ’s Unpivot node. Designed for those who want to explore the full range of DataWORQ’s data manipulation capabilities, this article explains how to effectively select and combine columns for Extended Planning & Analysis (xP&A). Using an example…

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Data Pivoting in DataWORQ

Learn how to master the art of data pivoting in DataWORQ with this step-by-step tutorial. Aimed at business users looking to streamline Extended Planning & Analysis (xP&A), this article guides you from the point of pulling an unpivoted dataset from Excel to transforming it into a neatly pivoted dataset. We explain how to utilize the…

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A SQL Server Integrated Services SSIS Exercise

SQL Server Integration Services is a platform for building enterprise-level data integration and data transformations solutions. You can use Integration Services to perform a variety of tasks such as maintaining data hubs that serve Planning Analytics or other enterprise applications. The following outlines the process of creating and deploying a working SSIS package that takes…

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Advanced Features in OfficeConnect – Workday Adaptive Planning

OfficeConnect has many helpful features that enable detailed report creation tailored to customer needs.  Below are a handful of advanced features worth pointing out. Absolute vs Relative Time Most often you will want to open a report and view it as of a certain date without manually updating the report.  By properly building your report…

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A Database Administrator Approach to Building Cubes in IBM Planning Analytics Workspace

If you are more of a code-junkie at heart like me, or perhaps have come from a relational database background, you may want to think about the following concept. By now, you most likely understand how to build cubes using Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW). If not, you can have a look here. Similar to TM1…

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Reducing Calculations with Text – Anaplan

Reducing Calculations with Text in Anaplan Reducing Calculations in Anaplan improves performance, and I am not referring to reducing line items. I am talking about the pieces of each formula in the line items. Anaplan’s engine is designed primarily to complete tasks that are Boolean, followed by numerical, like most computers. When you leverage text,…

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