Collaborative and Rapid Enablement Implementation Methodology (CARE)

The QueBIT Collaborative and Rapid Enablement Implementation Methodology (CARE) is a unique approach to implementing IBM Cognos Software. It maximizes the success of projects and empowers the client to “own” both the solution and the technology at the end of the very first project. This achieves the lowest true cost of ownership of IBM Cognos Software for customers.

True cost of ownership and real return on investment are the two most important factors when prospective customers choose to select IBM Cognos. Where competing solutions require significant incremental short-term and long-term implementation costs, QueBIT’s CARE methodology implementation projects offer a much more affordable structure.

CARE requires client developers and administrators to work side-by-side with the QueBIT implementation team to achieve a successful knowledge transfer throughout the duration of the project. This is the primary value proposition for selecting QueBIT for implementation projects. QueBIT has built a reputation centered on complete excellence and expertise, and the transfer of this knowledge to clients empowers them to achieve their goals.

Creating Successful and Beneficial Client Relationships

It is QueBIT’s goal to establish long-term relationships with clients, but it is not our goal to establish a relationship of dependency. QueBIT’s most successful relationships and projects are those where the client embraces the intention of skill transfers. These clients provide appropriate resources to work alongside the QueBIT team during the first phase implementation. By doing so, the QueBIT experts successfully transfer knowledge to the client’s administrators and developers.

This results in potentially significant lower short-term implementation costs and a much lower, long-term true costs of ownership. When clients are empowered to own and invest in their technology, they also tend to achieve much greater returns on their investments. The use of the technology becomes all-pervasive throughout the organization. As a result:

  • Many more different types of business problems get solved.
  • Employees are much happier and more productive.
  • The business benefits from better top and bottom line performance.

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