Predictive Customer Analytics

QueBIT’s Predictive Customer Analytics Solution provides the ability to acquire, retain, and grow your customer base. Marketing departments usually recognize the value that Predictive Customer Analytics can bring.

Leveraging your organization’s data, our specialty IP, and delivering either on-premise or cloud, our solutions include:


  • Data Quality Assessment
  • Readiness Assessment

Customer IQ

  • Segmentation Modeling
  • Customer Engagement

Customer SeeQ

  • Campaign Response
  • Post Campaign Analysis
  • Concept Testing
  • Clone/Lookalike Modeling

Customer SellQ

  • Cross-sell/Upsell/Next Best Offer
  • Uplift/Incremental Response Modeling


  • Lifetime Value Modeling


  • Customer Retention Modeling

Custom analysis for new programs, product launches, shrinkage, or fraud.

The QueBIT team of data scientists and advanced analytics professionals can help your organization with any predictive analytics effort.


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