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QueBIT’s Analytics Online Instructor-led Training

With successful training programs, companies can achieve high retention-rates, satisfy learners, and reap the rewards of a more educate and efficient workforce. Online, instructor-led training is an effective, affordable way to pass information to organizations with more dispersed personnel.

This training also provides an engaging experience for participants to connect with content and interact with both instructors and other classmates. With online training tools, companies can provide valuable learning experiences for staff while avoiding travel/lodging costs and valuable time spent away from the job.

QueBIT’s online instructor-led training contains seamless interplay of 3 important factors: technology, content, and delivery.

Benefits of Online, Instructor-led Training:

  • Reduced cost – Travel and lodging costs can be reduced or eliminated completely, which will also save employees valuable time.
  • Convenience – Students can choose when and where they would like participate in training courses. This includes at home, in the office, or on their mobile devices.
  • Modular design – To appeal to busy students and professionals, we offer training content in short, incremental modules. These modules can be completed independently or in combination with other courses. This allows your employees to learn at their own pace.
  • Increased capacity and scalability – Online, instructor-led training can accommodate large numbers of students without increasing the amount of materials or space needed in a typical classroom setting.
  • Increased diversity – Because of the reach that online training provides, students and instructors from a variety of cultures and geographic backgrounds can participate and interact simultaneously.

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