TM1 Healthcheck

Why a TM1 Healthcheck?

Ongoing Performance Diagnostics are a critical part of maintaining your enterprise-wide applications. Performance Diagnostic sessions assist in guiding a logical, scientific approach to examining both existing TM1 applications and future development efforts.

By testing specific areas of your TM1 application, administrators and developers will be better prepared to tackle design and production issues long before they become real problems. The result is a more productive experience for the end-user, administrator, and developer.

Strategic Focus

A complete Performance Diagnostics also determines how well the TM1 application fits the current state of the company.

The Performance Diagnostic should answer the following questions: TM1 Healthcheck-min

  • How well is the system designed?
  • What are its strengths and weaknesses?
  • Does the architecture deliver optimal performance for the existing feature set?
  • Will the system easily flex for short-term strategy adjustments?
  • How much effort will be required to adjust to strategic long-term shifts?

Performance Analysis Framework

The Performance Analysis Framework Review encompasses 3 areas of the application:

  • Environmental Architecture – QueBIT experts will assess configuration and optimization of both hardware and software throughout your systems.
  • Model Architecture and Data Flow – This will answer business questions related to your application. It will focus on the impact of strategic initiatives and model design with respect to described business problems. This review will also address documentation of data flows, best practices in security and performance, and the validated dimensionality of cubes.
  • User Experience and Response Time – This assessment will determine how well your TM1 application meets the needs of your end users. This review provides model evaluation and user analysis profiles. It also tests a wide range of performance and reporting functions.

Results of Performance Diagnostic Testing

Upon completion of the QueBIT Performance Diagnostics, a report is generated to:

  • Outline strategic findings
  • Offer specific performance improvement recommendations
  • Provide suggestions for longer term initiatives to optimize system performance

QueBIT delivers value through our Performance Diagnostics by improving your current system performance and user experience, while embedding a performance-oriented mindset to benefit future development cycles.


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