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We are committed to customer satisfaction. How to we maintain this? By investing in a highly skilled team of technology leaders. Find out more about them.

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  • Lauren Taylor

    Having spent some time in the world of endless spreadsheets, it was a breath of fresh air to come to QueBIT where there are numerous Business Analytics options being implemented each day. I have been able to offer empathy to my clients, as well as deliver first-class solutions to improve their everyday work tasks. One

  • Walter Coffen

    My time in this industry has seen a lot of innovation and complexity, both in terms of our clients’ needs and the tools we have developed to help them. I started in finance with a degree in Economics (BA, University of Massachusetts) and gravitated to data systems and programming. The speed at which data storage

  • Megha Ramanan

    After over 7 years in the consulting trade and with industry experience across different verticals, I’ve discovered that a business analytics consultant’s role can be a skilled balancing act. However, from my experience handling pre-sales to mentoring, training and support, and everything in between, I’ve learned that it can be immensely rewarding, too. I like

  • Andrew Chaves

    I have a love of problem solving. However, the goal of the business analytics consultant is to first help the customer identify what problem they truly need to solve, then use the best technology available to create a premium solution. Prior to joining QueBIT, I enjoyed a diverse career. Initially, I worked as an actuarial


QueBIT aims to empower you with the training you need, so that you can apply analytics techniques with confidence. We want you to succeed and see the power in the data that is at your fingertips, so that you can make better informed decisions.

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